Thursday, August 22, 2013

White & Black Kitchens

Surprise, surprise...I love white kitchens. How could I not? So. Maj. Dontcha think? Now that we're getting closer to settling into a routine, I am trying to actually use  my kitchen by cooking on a regular basis (try being the key word, and regular basis meaning about half the time). It's no secret--I do not enjoy cooking. But, I think I've got things figured out: Mr. Hubs always calls me when he's leaving the clinic, and that is precisely when I start dinner.  I guess that 30 minute commute that he didn't want is doing him well, after all.  And, I guess if he wants anything more gourmet than a 30 minute meal, we'll have to move further away. Ok, now I'm just making up stories...let's just be happy we're not eating cold cereal.
image from Better Homes & Gardens
image from Better Homes & Gardens
image from Neely Design

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