Monday, September 23, 2013

[in five + one]: Favorite ABC Products & Ideas

Hey there! I hope you all had a good weekend. Even though Mr. Hubs was mostly MIA with trips to the hospital, golfing, and football games, my mom, Stella and I had some girl time, and we got to spend Sunday with even more family, so that made up for it. The highlight of the weekend was Stella taking part in her first Primary Program at church. (The Primary is children's organization in my church.) Instead of singing the songs, she spent most of the time giving my niece, Sloane, the stink eye and folding her arms in full pouting position, because Sloane was eating Stella's snacks from her church bag. I must say, it was quite entertaining. Now onto our ABC's...

I love a great ABC product for a kid's space and even for a common living space--that's why I like them to be cute! ABC's are classic and timeless, and let's be honest, the idea of the gold letters is just plain chic. Here is a list of my top six (even though the series is supposed to be [in five]) favorite ABC ideas and products.  Links are included below each picture.
Gold ABCs from Uncovet (This image is of jewelry, but the idea on Pinterest is to buy letter magnets and spray paint them gold.)
Classic ABC Blocks from Uncle Goose
Stella's ABC Flashcard Art | Flash cards can be purchased from Amazon
Paul Thurlby's Alphabet Book
 Printable Polka Dot ABC Cards from Yellow Mums via Etsy
image from Orange You Lucky | Magnets can be purchased from Amazon


  1. Great pictures of ABC items. My yongest is still in the process of learning his ABC's. I'm sure these would help tons if his attention span could be a little longer.

  2. I'm in LOVE with those gold letters! Once we're definitely out of the "put it in your mouth" phase, I'm all over it!

  3. Love Paul Thurlby's book - we have it cut to pieces in one of our bedrooms!


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