Monday, October 14, 2013

Dark Leather | Light Space

Leather is dark. I know...hello, Captain Obvious, but stick with me. Leather itself is heavy, and that translates into your design. do you lighten up your design? Add light and white tones, of course. I love these spaces. They are a great example of how a dark, leather couch doesn't have to make the entire space look dark and heavy. The leather doesn't control the room. It's all about balancing color, textures, and even materials. I, of course, love leather with black and white, because, well, I love natural neutrals (i.e. woods, leathers, natural fibers, etc.); I love black and white; and I love mixing the two.  Give it a try. Show that leather couch who's boss!
image from Pony Rider
image from Restoration Hardware
image from Helena Blom via Lantiv


  1. I still have our faux leather sectional in the basement, with a bunch of girly decor around it, I should follow your suggestion Jamie and go for black and white with it. :-)

  2. I think you just solved a design problem I’ve been dealing with for a while! Love the light/dark combinations.


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