Thursday, November 7, 2013

[in five]: Favorite Holiday Pillows

Now that Halloween is over, and Stella's candy is gone (thanks for nothing, self-control), it's time to get our Thanksgiving and Christmas on! Here are my five favorite holiday pillow covers. Which one's your fave? 

P.S. Don't judge--I left Stella all most of the non-chocolate candy. It's really a win, win, and I'm doing my family a favor by getting rid of all of that junk. I'm a good mom like that.
image from H&M
image from coverLOVE via Etsy
image from SPLOTshop via Etsy
image from Nordstrom
image from Pottery Barn


  1. Love the All is Calm one. I like the Thanksgiving pillow but is that embroidered or printed on there?

    1. The description says it's an appliqué. The links are under each pillow. I love that one, too!

  2. Beautiful! What a great idea, to use regular household items to decorate for the holidays.


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