Monday, November 4, 2013

Pretty Little Closets

Look at these cute little closets. Aren't they adorbs? It will probably be a long time before I ever paint or wallpaper a closet (I figure the parts of my house that actually show should probably get the attention first), but I absolutely love the idea. Plus, who doesn't love to look at tiny little clothes? Adult clothes, on the other hand, really aren't so fun to look at…unless they are brand new…and for me. Why is everything cuter when it's tiny?!

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image from Lee Kleinhelter via One Kings Lane
image from DesignStiles via On to Baby
image from Project Nursery


  1. awe love the use of wallpaper in the girls closets. cute!!

  2. Those closets are amazing! I think my children would play in theirs if they looked so beautiful! :)-Ashley

  3. I love the thought of beautiful baby closets. But then I remember all the hand-me-downs we have and how they're already overflowing both the closet, dresser AND armoire (all sizes from 18 months - 3 years, mind you). It's probably a lost cause for us these days, but those are definitely some pretty pictures to look at!

  4. Love the first one the most!!!! Practical and easily changeable into a display shelf!

  5. The first one is my favorite! The pictures of little babes makes it awesome.

  6. What a GREAT post:) your blog always surprises and inspires me.

    Check out my new post....romantic feminine decor style:)

    have a lovely day pretty

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - inredning it's, Swedish for decor :)


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