Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Shopping the House | Five Things You Already Have

Do you kind of hate it when people tell you to shop your house? You're like, "Really? You're telling me I'm going to find some awesome piece of awesomeness that I've forgotten about? Yeah right."  If you're like me, I'm using pretty much everything…no new discoveries, just like there is nothing new in my pantry--regardless of how many times I open and shut it. (Yet, I continue to do it.) I am willing to bet, however, that you have most of these items in your home, so get them out and use them!

1 | Sticks: Yes, I may have a slight obsession with sticks, everyone knows it. The other day, my three year old gifted me a stick, because "Mommy loves sticks." Sticks are cheap…free to be exact, and they add a natural element, height, and texture. 
image from Kat Teutsch Styling
image from Lantliv
2 | Blankets & Throws: Blankets and throws add a sense of warmth and add texture, color, and print to a space. Whether they're thrown over a chair, sofa, or bed or folded up on a shelf, basket, or piece of furniture--they're an easy addition.
image from Apartment Therapy
image from West Elm
3 | Dishes: Plates, bowls, and other serving pieces are a great way to fill open shelving or other areas in the kitchen or dining room. Stacking items gives a sense of collection and character.
image source unknown
image from House & Home
4 | Frames: Creating an eclectic gallery wall is a great way to add personality to a space.  Frames of all different sizes, colors, and textures can come together to make a major statement.
image from Desert Domicile
image from Style Me Pretty
5 | Books & Magazines: Books and magazines are a great way to add interest to a room. Stack books forward, backwards, sideways, or upright. Magazines can be stacked, collected in bowls, baskets, or trays, or even thrown over hangers or ladders.
image from Stylizmo
image from Todd Waterbury


  1. I love the idea of hanging the magazine on hangers - so creative!

  2. Like the other Carrie - Kerri ;) I LOVE the hanger magazine combo and though I don't have enough money to buy all color coordinated books or patience to make covers for that many - the pic of the black & white stacks… I'm smitten.


  3. Great ideas! I've always been interested in gallery walls, but worry that they can look too busy. Any tips for avoiding that?

  4. That idea with hanging the magazine on a hanger is great! Nice alternative to a magazine rack.

  5. Great tips! I keep picking up these baskets on clearance at Target, I should totally put some throws in them now that it is chilly out!


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