Wednesday, March 12, 2014

[color kreyv]: Pastels

You guys, this Daylight Savings business is kicking my behind. Who would have thought that skipping one hour could totally throw off my game, because it is. And when will I stop thinking to myself, "It's 3:00, but really it's 2:00." I'm giving myself the week to get adjusted, and then I've got to do some major sleep training. On myself.

In other news, aren't these pastels amazing? I'm loving how easy, breezy, beautiful they are (totally stole that).  Kind of makes me want to buy some pastel stuff--change things up a bit.  I know. My problems are much deeper than Daylight Savings. My name is Jamie. I'm an interior design-aholic.
image from Muuto
image from Laura Fulmine via You Magazine
image from Tillman Long Interiors via Decor Pad


  1. Daylight Savings is terrible, but the rooms are pretty :)

  2. Pretty! I think what makes them work best is that it's mostly just a few pops of pastels against a lot of light neutrals. Makes me wish I had the time and budget to do the nursery all over again......


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