Wednesday, March 26, 2014

[color kreyv]: White (on White on White)

White on white (on white)--I mean, you're not surprised that I love this, right? It is so super peaceful and light. The trick is adding plenty of shades and textures to avoid feeling stark or sterile. Is it realistic? Maybe not, but, let's be honest, most of the things on this blog are just a pipe dream, anyway, so I thought I'd just continue the trend. What can I say--I like to look at pretty pictures and dream a little, ain't nothin' wrong with dat.
image from Jane Cumberbatch
image from Details and Design
image from Toast UK


  1. I love white on white. Such a clean look and can use different textures to add detail and interest. Great pics!

  2. Love this! Somehow a white on white room always feels so relaxing and close to the beach!

  3. I love love love white on white and always will!

  4. Gorgeous! I have a "white rooms" board on pinterest, I love it!

  5. Such beautiful pictures. White on white is just like a fresh snowfall. Always pretty to look at, until real life sets in and dirties it up!


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