Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Nice and Tidy | Clean & Simple Spaces

I'm back! We had such a fun trip to Texas, and the 13 hour drive (each way, mind you) really wasn't that bad--a lot of middle of nowheres, but it went by pretty quickly. Stella, of course, was in heaven, because she watched about 18 hours of shows. I'm not proud (or exaggerating), but momma's gotta do, what momma's gotta do, know what I'm sayin'?

I really love these spaces. They are clean and easy and exactly the vibe I want in my own home. But, even the cleanest and easiest of homes are no competition for a four year old, just ask Stella who thought it would be fun to put my wedding ring in a teeny box with Easter grass, that, of course, I threw away when I was cleaning. I'm so anal OCD such a habit of creature that as soon as I saw that it wasn't in the spot that I ALWAYS put it in (and after two hours of looking all over the place), I turned to the garbage. And there it was--in the box under the Easter grass.  Ain't nothin' clean and easy about that!
image from Jukka Rapo
image source unknown
image from Stephanie Jean Design


  1. Wow! This first picture looks like my dream living/dining room and kitchen! Sooo beautiful <3

  2. Oh no! I would have flipped about the ring. T is very into jewelry right now, and has already gotten into a bit of trouble for going into our room and taking my jewelry. She now has a giant selection of play jewelry to enjoy/destroy. Those spaces are definite beauties.


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