Wednesday, May 28, 2014

[color kreyv]: Navy

Hey, you guuyys...did you miss me? I must say, I have been having THE greatest time with my fam and friends. First, there was Disney, which was a-mazing (more on that later); then, we came home to BBQs, pool time, and a side of pedis and brunch with the girls. Of course, with so much fun, there has been a lot bit of neglect on the home front. Seriously, I saw my powder room countertop at eye level today and freaked out at the amount of dust I could see. Don't get me wrong, I didn't freak out enough to actually clean it, but it was a bit disturbing. Ehh, it will have to wait a day. Or two. In the meantime, how amazing is the navy in all of these rooms? I'd definitely rather look at these than my dusty house.
image from Domino
image source unknown
image from Macy's


  1. HAHA you're funny! I feel this same about cleaning, LOL!

  2. Glad you have been having a great time with the fam Jamie! It's worth all the cleaning afterwards believe me. ;-) Love that kitchen

  3. Ugh. The best thing about having a full time job is that I feel absolutely NO guilt in hiring someone to do the dusting for me. No judgement here if the dusting takes 2, 10, or even another 20 days to get done. And the Navy...totally loving that second picture with the Navy sofa.


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