Monday, May 5, 2014

Outdoor Living

Hey there! I hope you all had a good weekend! Ours was crazy! We had friends over for games (and stayed up way too late); Stella decided it was "her dream" to be on TV (more on that later); we went to a BBQ (and stayed up way too late); and then went to church on Sunday. I could seriously take a four hour nap and not even feel bad about it.

Anyway…the BBQ we went to was so much fun--so much fun, in fact, that Stella peed her pants three times. Yes. Three. Times. (Rompers with buttons all the way down the front are all fun and games until your four-year-old waits until the very last minute to go potty and then has to undo five buttons.) Apparently, it wasn't her fault, though, because she was "having too much fun and was distracted by all the kids". On another note, the home that we were at had an amazing outdoor living space complete with a table and chairs, a couch, and a gas fire pit. (What's better than making s'mores without smelling like fire, am I right?) Anyway, this got me dreaming about having my own outdoor space, which I really, really want.  I know that is very shocking to you all, but I do. And don't worry, I already have the entire thing designed. The plans are safe and sound in my brain waiting to come to fruition. There are all sorts of plans in there, as you can imagine. And now, I just wait for a generous passerby looking unload a ton of cash. Know anyone?
image from BHG Real Estate
image from Architectural Digest
image source unknown


  1. The house we are moving in to has a big back yard. I need to start making plans!

  2. These are all fabulous and glad you had fun outdoors already. We hosted barbecue at our home also this Sunday and since the pool was well-heated enough to swim in, we got to enjoy that a lot too! I'm posting about cool outdoor furnishings too on Thursday, check it out if you do end up with that cash in your hands!

  3. As cute as they are, I refuse to put my kids in diapers simply because of the potty/diaper thing. I don’t carry extra clothes for the 4 year old anymore, which means she gets to wear easy off clothing! Those outdoor spaces are truly stunning. It makes me realize just how sad our aging deck looks. (BTW, if you find a generous benefactor, can you pass them along our way too?)

  4. I would Loooooooooooooooove a beautiful, outdoor, living space. So amazing. Campfires and smores are two of my very favorite things.

  5. I'm all about that middle picture :)


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