Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Just a Touch of Paint

I'm definitely a sucker for an all white room, but there's no denying the complete and utter awesomeness of the paint in these rooms. I mean, really, how yummy is that lilac in the first picture, the bold stripes in the second, and don't even get me started on the ceiling in the last.  I love them all, especially the lilac. And, of course I would need the couch to go with it. And obviously, the windows...
image from Bloomingville
image from Daily Dream Decor
image from Design Sponge


  1. You lways find the loveliest interior pictures! I especially love the second one here!

  2. Such pretty touches! The lilac really is gorgeous - so subtle. I do wish I had the guts to do something bold like the stripes in that last picture, too.

  3. The first room is so pretty! The sofa is lovely :)

  4. The first room is simply delightful but the last one? Super adorable!


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