Monday, September 15, 2014

Kitchen Islands | Legs for Days

Hi. Remember me? Is anyone still out there? (Crickets, crickets...) Things around here have been cuh-ray-zee. I miss routine. And, of course, sleep. The good news is that Baby S is only waking up a couple of times a night (one of which is 6:00 a.m., which still feels like the middle of the night to me). Don't worry, though, I still find time to think about kitchen islands and legs. Because, well, come on, I'm only human. I discovered the other day that I have pinned the first image at least five times.  I guess I'm a little obsessed. But, really, who wouldn't be?!
image from Rejuvenation
image from New York Times via CocoCozy
image from Better Homes & Gardens


  1. Glad the sleeping is better for you Jamie, I'm just about ready to jump into that sleeplessness wagon. Love your inspirations, the lighting are also perfect!

  2. Sleepless nights are no fun, but those kitchen islands are very nice :)

  3. Hey there! Good to know everything is going well…even if it’s a little nuts. We all know that’s normal. I’ve been guilty of re-pinning, too. You can just claim that you’re repinning for different reasons…once for the countertop, once for those gorgeous glass pendants…once for the color palette…..

  4. I couldn't sleep just the other night, it is the worst!! A large kitchen island is one thing I wish our kitchen had. These are Awesome!!


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