Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Kitchen Stools

I know that the title of this post is one of my best, yet. But, besides that, and the fact that all three of these kitchens are totally swoon-worthy, let's discuss the stools--after all, that is the title of the post, aaaand we all know how I like to stay on topic. I am currently in the market for barstools. My future stools have to have backs, because Hubs insists they are comfortable, and sometimes, I like to let him think he is making decisions on things I really don't care about. These stools from WE are currently in the running.  I also love these, but I'm pretty sure I'm not willing to put down that much cash for four stools. Stools are ridiculously expensive, are they not? My very favorite, if I could have-anything-and-if-money-wasn't-an-issue choice would be the stools from Luxe Interiors in the second picture. Talk about swoon-worthy--serious love at first sight going on over here.
image from Design Sponge
image from Luxe Interiors + Design
image source unknown

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  1. Those last stools are the curve of the backs. I totally agree that kitchen stools are ridiculously overpriced. We used to have a couple $30 ones from Target. They were serviceable, but when the bolts started to fall out, they were declared unsafe for the kids and replaced with toy bins!


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