Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Playroom Storage

I would love for my playroom to look like these, but here's the problem: my kids' toys aren't all cute, little matching wooden toys that look cute sprawled all over the floor. Trust me, I've tried to buy all cute toys, but it just hasn't happened. Obviously, I am obsessed with organization and baskets, so I love the idea of baskets (labeled, of course), but let's be honest...the ugliest toys are also the biggest.  I think the solution is a combination of baskets and built-ins with doors.  Yes, that is my plan to hide toys.  Now to find a solution for the millions of Legos we have.  
image source unknown
image from Architectural Digest
image from Traditional Home


  1. I really like the baskets in the first picture! What a great way to store things :)

  2. Ugh, toy storage is one of my biggest nemeses. I just ended up buying a couple of those cute canvas hampers from Homegoods for the bigger toys. I can stuff so many ugly things in there, and they don’t look too bad if covered up properly when company comes over. Bonus: the kids don’t forget about those toys very often because the top is open.


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