Thursday, January 8, 2015

[so cheap, so easy]: License Plate Art

Today I'm sharing one of my favorite DIYs. I've revamped it from its original form when it was covered in fabric instead of painted. This piece definitely gets a lot of attention--everything from, "I really love that," to "Why did you do that to your license plates?" (The latter is always from men, so those comments don't count!) This project is super easy AND super cheap. All you need is particle board (I had mine cut to 24x32); license plates, of course; furniture nails; spray paint; and paint for the particle board (I used urbane bronze by Sherwin Williams).  Simply spray paint your license plates, paint your particle board (or cover in fabric), and attach the license plates using furniture nails. That's it, you're done! 


  1. The Husband just bought a new car, and now I wish we could have kept the old plates. This is such a fun project!

  2. So cool! I have to find our old ones and do this beautiful art! Thanks Jamie!


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