Monday, February 2, 2015

Metal Beds

Oh my goodness, you guys. I promise I haven't already quit updating this blog (although, if I'm being honest, some of my other resolutions fell to the wayside puh-rit-ty quickly). Now, I'm not positive that we had the full-blown flu around these parts, but Salem, Stella, and I had body aches, fevers, sore throats, and general icky-ness. (That's the medical term, by the way.) Let's just say there was a lot of movie watching going on. (I'm pretty sure Stella probably likes it when I'm sick, because it's the one time her screen time is pretty much unmonitored and unlimited.)The good news is, I think it's over and done.

In other news, let's talk about my love for metal beds. I think one of my daughters needs one. Or two. Because, as we know, I equally love two twin beds.  Imagine my excitement if I had two METAL beds. I get giddy just thinking about it.
image from Skona Hem
image source unknown
image from Midwest Living


  1. Glad your all better Jamie! Love 'em too, very sturdy and easy to move around too!

  2. We have a black wrought iron bed and I love it but I struggle with what furniture to pair with it. We are about to move and have room for some real furniture and I can't decide between white, black and wood nightstands and chest!

  3. So sorry to hear everyone was sick…but glad to know you’re feeling better! T has that first bed from Ikea and while it’s pretty, the side rails make it a pain to change the sheets! I do like that last bed though….

  4. Glad you are all feeling better! I really like that last bed :)

  5. Amazing way to share your ideas. These is a truely classy collection of sofa sets. I recently renovated my house and was looking for some trendy and stylish looking metal beds with storage. Your post has proved to be my savior. I will surely consider these tips when making a choice for bedroom furniture. Keep up the great writing. Kudos!!


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