Monday, February 23, 2015

Staircase Obsession

I'm not going to reference Stairway(s) to Heaven on this post (which was way before my time, by the way) , but I'll be honest, I was thinking it. I mean, honestly, these staircases...pure obsession here, aaaand a little bit of disappointment that mine are not going to look remotely like any of these. World wide web, why do you do this to me?  You with all of your beautiful pictures and things to buy. Sigh*. I mean, in your defense, you were helpful when I wanted to look up the artist and year of Stairway to Heaven, I will give you that, but who cares about that when there are so many pretty pictures to look at? Not me.
image from House of Philia
image source unknown
image source unknown

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  1. These are some gorgeous staircases! Love the treads on the middle one - and the curvature of the last staircase is just stunning.


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