Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dash and Albert Rugs

During my search for just the right rug, I discovered Dash and Albert. My search was over! Unfortunately, my discovery was after the purchase and return of five or six other rugs. (It's pretty sad when you lose count!) I love the look and feel of these rugs. They carry wool, cotton, indoor/outdoor, and variations of these materials. These rugs just say cozy! They are contemporary, yet not pretentious. These are some of my favorites:

diamond sprout/white indoor/outdoor

vine chocolate tufted wool

circle fret tufted wool

lighthouse denim/white indoor/outdoor

I personally own the lighthouse denim/white indoor/outdoor rug. I don't know why, but lately, I've had a thing for striped rugs, and since I've also been into navies and blues, I ended up liking the rugs with a bit of a nautical feel! I decided to go with an indoor/outdoor rug, because you can literally spray them off if you need to, but this one doesn't feel stiff like a jute or sea grass. Another great thing about Dash and Albert is that they offer free shipping, and they are always the same price no matter where you purchase them. If it makes you nervous to order an area rug online, there are several stores who carry this line and have large swatches to look at. I can't wait until I have the space and funds to get my hands on more of these rugs!


  1. hey I'm so glad to hear you have tried them out, I came across these online while looking for a stair runner and loved their stuff, now I know it's good. I love the circle felt tufted wool one, but I am also a total sucker for stripes. I love accessories (for the home anyway!)

  2. Do you recall how much the return shipping was when you sent rugs back? I am thinking of ordering one but am a little worried about ordering a rug online and want to be prepared to send it back.

    1. I never actually had to mail a rug back. All of my returns were done in person. I know with Dash and Albert, they sell them at a lot of retail shops, so maybe you can return them there--not sure. Good luck!


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