Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What's My Style?

I guess if I had to choose a word to describe my design style, I would say it is transitional. Transitional style is somewhere between contemporary and traditional. I would say I lean more toward contemporary, but I like to add traditional pieces here and there. I enjoy mixing the two styles.
I love the contemporary elements in the above pictures--the clean lines of the Elle Decor sofa, the vases, and coral; the zebra rug, lamps, and coffee table from Alice Lane. I equally love the traditional elements like the accent chair and coffee table legs from Elle Decor. I absolutely love the sofa from Alice Lane with the nail-head edging and tufts.
I don't like matchy-matchy, and I like to mix textures and prints that are unexpected. I like a little personality in a room! My goal is to make my rooms look effortless, even though they're not! And lastly, I like my rooms to be unlike any other, to constantly evolve, and to make you say, I'd like to spend some time here!"

image from Elle Decor

image from Alice Lane Blog

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  1. Well that was a fun little journey! I am also on the same quest for my home, different, but really comfortable, but most of all ME! I can't wait to express myself all over the place, my place! It's so fun. Thanks again for putting this all together, I really appreciate it. It's a passion of mine too, and you've done a great job Jamie Jo!


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