Tuesday, November 2, 2010

To. Die. For.

I recently stumbled upon this beauty on 6th Street Design School. I love it! Granted, we will never need a house this large (as if there are people who NEED houses this big), but it's so fun to look at and get ideas from. This house is actually for sale in Provo, Utah. If we only lived there...

The exterior: look at that wonderful symmetry, the tall entry, not overdone on the landscaping (I'm guessing). I'm also guessing there are mountains close. I think I may have seen this place.

Ahh, the entry. Where to start? The staircases, the ceiling, the doors, lights? You get it. I love everything. I love all of the visual interest without being overdone. And, who doesn't love that fabulous clock? I told you: TO. DIE. FOR.

Aerial views of the living room. Amazing. Notice that none of the walls are painted anything but hues of white. The entire pallet is very neutral (floors, rugs, furniture, walls, etc.), yet it is far from boring. In fact, you hardly notice.

Pictures of the family room. Still, a very neutral palate, very calming. I love all of the random but not random pieces in the room! It really makes me want to stay a while just to take it all in! Love it all! This room was done by Alice Lane. I always love their work. If we ever move to Utah, I am definitely stopping by their store--most likely more than once!

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