Friday, January 21, 2011

[so cheap, so easy]: Art. On a Door.

DIY projects and I have a love hate relationship. Sure, there are those moments when you just happen to have stuff laying around the house, you just happen to not spend anymoney, and you just happen to love the project. Not always the case with me. More like, "Gee, I would have spent less money and time if I would have gone out and bought the thing."
Well, fear not, folks. This project is so cheap and so easy...really. I will admit, I didn't just have a door lying around. I went to Home Depot (which by the way, I oft times feel like a moron, because I'm usually looking for something that I'm not going to use for its intended use, and I usually don't know the name for it--just a side note). Anyway, buy a door. Buy the cheapest door you can find, the kind that is hollow inside with no knob hole. This one was under $30.

Next, you are going to layout your design and paint your base coat. I decided to go with a zig-zag (something that I could easily tape). For you that are more artistic, you could definitely free-hand something. I, unfortunately, had just had a bad experience with a prior DIY project, so I decided to play it safe!
I used a piece of paper to evenly space out my zig-zags. I taped the entire door, then I started to paint my zig-zags. By the way, I had BOTH colors of paint already, which cost zero point zero zero dollars!When the paint was dry, I went over both colors with stain. (If you have glaze, use that. That's another Home Depot adventure all together--thirty minutes of my life I'll never get back.) I wiped the stain on each section, then I rubbed off as much as I could. I use stain every time I paint something. It makes it look not home made, if that makes sense! (I bought the darkest color of the teeny sample can for $5.) Also, when using stain, it's best to use cotton rags to apply and rub off. Old t-shirts work the best.
I then removed the tape, decided I didn't like the way the stain looked on the blue, repainted the blue, then had the Mr. hang the thing up! I've been thinking I want to paint the side rust or another color, but since I haven't decided, I'll just leave it for a while. See, so cheap, so easy!

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  1. That is amazing! You are so clever and I love this blog. You have the best style!

  2. look who's crafty now! I LOVE the blog. so talented Mrs. Joyal!

  3. I wanted to share my "Door" story. I was looking for a desk, just something simple that could be multi-functional for work, sewing, wrapping gifts, etc. We went to Ikea but I got overloaded on trying to build it and envision it in our room. So I looked to my garage...6 years ago my brother bought a home built in 1910 and during remodeling decided to replace his doors. They caught my eye as they had great knobs, were distressed and had five panels. Needless to say my husband has tried several times to clean out the garage which meant getting rid of the doors. I obviously protested knowing one day they would be used. So back to the desk, I decided the door was just the right size and fit for what I was looking for. I also loved the already distressed look and recessed panels. I brainstormed buying banister rails and using them for legs but spotted my parents old kitchen table in my garage and decided to remove the legs and simply drilled them to the bottom of the door. We went to Lowes and bought a piece of plexi-glass (on sale of course)and as a final touch took out the "miles" of purple ribbon from our wedding shower gifts and trimmed the edge. The best part is the panels of the door are perfect for sliding pictures in! The whole project was $16 and I love my reused, recycled, and rejuvenated door desk. I thought it connected with your creative way to display pictures and reuse doors. You could also use short legs and make a coffee table or grab some benches and have a great dining table.
    Wish I could attach a pic!

  4. I would love to see a picture. Sounds like an awesome piece!

  5. I just found your blog today!! I love, love, love it!!
    Any tips on how your husband hung the door on the wall? Thanks for any input you can give!!
    tonnessen09 AT gmail DOT com

  6. Love your "door"! Those hollow doors are good for lots of projects. I really like your chevron pattern and the color you chose.

    I took a look at your other living room pictures and saw how great it looks from a different perspective.

    Thanks for sharing this at my Bunny Hop party. I hope to see you next week too ;)

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party!

  7. Great job--that looks really great. Love that blue tape:)

  8. Visiting via Savvy Design West. I love the work you do - and you make it look easy. THis door project turned out amazing.


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