Wednesday, June 8, 2011

[color kreyv]: Periwinkle

It's funny how naive I was before having a child, and I'm sure I'm probably still very naive (only having one, mild-mannered toddler). I laugh at some of my preconceived notions regarding raising children.

The first night home from the hospital, we set an alarm clock, so we could wake up to feed the baby. Of course, we didn't need it. We haven't used an alarm clark in 18 1/2 months (the exact age of Stella).

We said we would never let our kids eat in the car. I'd be mortified if anyone saw what lies beneath that car seat. There are a lot of crumbs under there, and we have a really clean car...except for that one spot. Worth it.

We thought our lives would not revolve around Stella's sleep schedule. False, but that's okay. Everyone's happier when we are all well-rested!

I (and probably everyone who knows me) thought I would be a germ-a-phobe. Surprisingly, I'm not (except for when it comes to shopping carts).

I said I would never take Stella out in public unless she was clean with her hair done. Okay, I stuck by that one. My hair doesn't always get done, but Stella's does!

I'm sure there are more, and I'm sure my list will continue to grow! What preconceived notions of yours were squashed?

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  1. My kids would certainly never act like THAT child (which, of course, they do on occasion). I would never act like THAT mother (ditto). Oh, yeah, and you would never see a baby of mine with a pacifier ;)

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  3. I love your blog! Oh man there are so many things that I said I wouldn't do... I would not let my kid scream in the grocery store or anywhere public for that matter, good one right? My kid will never have a runny nose,(Jack hates having a runny nose so he is pretty good at telling me to wipe it)really though???

    Okay so... here is my request. I am having a baby girl and already have a boy. They are going to be sharing a room. I need ideas on how to make the room not too girly and not too boyish

  4. My baby would never eat junk food. Ever. She would not have a Binky in public (I still hate that one, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do to keep her quiet sometimes). Also I would not give her juice -- empty calories! Then I had an underweight baby that wouldn't eat. So, juice and junk food it was (I know, horrible!).

    PS Thanks for saying my hat was cute! I kind of love it.

  5. It is amazing how you create all these preconceived notions on parenting...and then the baby arrives. After that, it is all about survival!


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