Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rooms for Watching TV

I like television. I'll admit it. When Stella goes down for a nap, I turn on the tv. The house is clean, the Bean's asleep, I am vegging. Sometimes, I'm on the computer at the same time, but most times, it's just pure vegging out. Know what else? I thoroughly enjoy it. What is your favorite show? Here's my list of faves:

What Not to Wear + The Nate Show + The Office + Modern Family + The Celebrity Apprentice + The Real Housewives of Orange County + Tori & Dean: sTORIbook Weddings + Million Dollar Listing + The Rachel Zoe Project + Project Runway
image from Nesting Newbies

image from Marie Burgos Design

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image from Decor Pad

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  1. I have to admit I love TV a little too much! I also love Celebrity Apprentice, Project Runway and shows about real people. Have you ever heard of Say Yes to the Dress? I also love that show, and I think you would like it too.


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