Monday, June 6, 2011

The Real Master of the House

I only caught the last half of part two of the Oprah finale. I wasn't an Oprah watcher, but I wish I would have seen the two part finale. After all, it is the end of an era. Oh well, I'm over it! Right when I caught it, Jerry Seinfeld was in the middle of his performance. It was so funny, and I was nodding my head and smiling the entire time! Have we not all been there, done that? Here's what I heard:

"When you're in a disagreement with your significant other, learn to talk like you're being interviewd on Oprah. Just listen. Nod, and answer the questions, because it's all about listening. A lot of wives complain that their husbands do not listen. I've never heard my wife say this. She may have, I don't know.

One of things I did not know before I got married that I found out after I got married is that every single day of my married life I would be discussing the tone in my voice. In the beginning of the relationship, all men raise their voice two full octaves [for courting, flirting]. My actual speaking voice that I am using right now to communicate with you is not welcome in my house. That's why I'm out here talking to you."

image from Sarah Richardson

image from R Dujour

image from How You Dwell

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  1. I agree - Seinfeld was hilarious! The part that brought me to tears was all the men who walked in holding candles - the men who she educated and supported through college.

    Love the photos on your blog! I want rooms like that! Every room I have has legos and hand drawn pictures...


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