Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Halloween Tablescapes

It's only 8:30pm, and I am ready for bed! Poor Stella has some type of virus, and quite honestly, it's making both of us tired! (Don't kids always have "some type of virus?" That's my own diagnosis, by the way.) I pretty much blame myself for her illness. The sister and I wore her out with all of our shopping shenanigans that ran way into nap time.  Sorry Stella. (What...you don't think she reads this blog? And, speaking of people who read this blog...to my hubs: If you are ever bored enough to read this post, I should never say I'm tired around you. After all, I'm not on call at the hospital for 24-30 hour shifts. You read that right. Day 1: 6:00am - 9:00am(ish)(27 hours, not 3!); Day 2: post call (try to get some sleep) Day 3: 6:00am - 5:00pm(ish), then back to day 1. Worst. Rotation. Ever.)

Besides being tired (if I can even use that word, anymore), I am super excited about these chic Halloween tablescapes. (The black, silver, and white is ridiculously fantastic, right?) The trick with creating a Halloween tablescape minus the cheesiness? Skip out on the corny decorations, and instead use a Halloween inspired color scheme to to create your setting. This year, I am so in love with all of the white pumpkins. They are perfect for both Halloween and Fall with just a few tweaks, and we all know I love me some resourcefulness!  
image from Martha Stewart
image from Martha Stewart
image from Urban Comfort
Image from Hostess with the Mostess


  1. I love Halloween and I really love that black and white party. Must. Throw. Party.

  2. Wonderful table settings! Thanks for sharing. These pics make me want to invite people over and feed them!


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