Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Halloween Vignettes

Today I am sharing some of my favorite Halloween vignettes. You'd think that because I love October so much that my house would be full of Halloween decor eye candy. Well, it's not. No decorations. Not. A. One. I know. I'm a loser.

You all know Monica Geller, right? (By the way, my sister pointed out the fact that I refer to the Friends characters as if they're real, and as if they're my friends. I see nothing wrong with that.) Monica, like me, prides herself on and rather enjoys the art of organization...except for one closet. (Remember the episode when Chandler tries to get in it with his credit cards, and Joey thinks that maybe Richard lives in the closet?) Well, I have a closet, and though it's not locked, we call it the Monica Geller closet. The reason I share this whole spiel, is because that's where the Halloween decorations are. In the closet. In a bin. Behind two other bins, and under three bins, luggage, and a box. Ehhh, I probably don't like anything in there, anyway. Guess I should just go buy new.  
image from Better Homes & Gardens
image from Casa Sugar
image from Faith, Trust, & Pixie Dust
image from The Shabby Nest


  1. why do you have to post things that i will foolishly go and do. my husband just "loves" your blog. he's always asking me where i got the idea to do something again. some cute ideas. i guess i'm really bored because my husband has worked 6 straight nights and i have no life.

  2. As your little one gets older, you might be more motivated to dig through your closet and put up some decorations. You'll find that you even put up the cheesy kind cuz kids like cheesy stuff they can touch and play with and it prevents them from messing with mom's decorations. Very nice ideas, thanks for sharing. I love the way you narrarate your blog.

  3. We live in the middle of nowhere on a major road. No one trick or treats so I feel no need to decorate. I miss decorating for Halloween. Mind you none of my decorations are half as classy as those.

  4. jamie, i'll have you know that i just finished two of those decorations. i did the pumpkin and black twigs with bats and the boo sign. i have tons of extra black felt so i used that and some yarn that i had. it turned out so cute!!! thanks for the inspiration. i think i'll do one of the wreaths next year. and those white pumpkins with the black it! so many fun ideas. this is not good for my wallet.


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