Tuesday, November 8, 2011

In the Dark

How long will it take me to stop thinking,"Well, it's really an hour later than the clock shows." It's not. The time on the clock is the right time. I need to deal with Daylight Savings and the new getting dark at 5pm business! The darkness in these rooms, though, is something I could definitely get used to. Ab-so-lute-ly stunning.
image from D Magazine
image source unknown
image from Candice Olsen Design


  1. I love the dark colors. I wish I was able to have colors like that it my home, but the rooms are too small for it. :(

  2. Love that first room! Our first house had a navy living room and it was so cool, such a great feel with navy!

  3. I LOVE the first picture! I don't think that all of the white would stay that way for long at my house.

  4. The first picture is unreal. What a gorgeous room! I love that there is still a big pop of white in the room to brighten it up just a tad.


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