Monday, November 7, 2011

Symmetry Love

Something about symmetrically styled rooms really speaks to me. (Not in a crazy I hear voices kind of way.) They're clean, they're organized, and they're pleasing to the eye. They calm me down, which is what I need after my mini trip to Utah.

I had such a fun time once I got to Utah, but traveling to and from wore me right out. Here are some of my best moments:

Pulling away from the house feeling like I forgot something and then getting to the airport and remembering that I forgot diapers. (Luckily, I had three in my purse.)

Long flight to Utah, long layover, and a delay. (Luckily I met a nice family who gave me two more diapers.)

Bathroom trips on the plane with a two year old--got walked in on once (of course while I was going to the bathroom). Don't worry, it was even more awkward that the man who walked in on me waited outside the door until I was finished. Hi again. I would have run back to my seat and not made eye contact, but whatever. 

Climbing over two people to take Stella to the bathroom only to have her poop ten minutes later and having to climb over them all over again.

Walking out of the airplane bathroom with a long trail of toilet paper sticking to Stella's fleece blanket. I didn't even know the blanket made it to the bathroom. 

Flying on a four hour flight only to have Stella fall asleep as we were landing.

Driving to the airport and being slowed down by icy roads, detours, and yes, a puking child. Nothing like starting a flight smelling like puke. Unfortunately, the smell didn't keep people from sitting by us.

I need more symmetry in my life. But first, I need more sleep.
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image from Blossom Interiors
image from Cococozy


  1. I'm so sorry. :( Sounds like a rough trip. Pretty pictures, though.

    I'm having a design catastrophe (I may be exaggerating, maybe dilemma is a better word) when you're all rested up, I may have to hit you up for some help.

  2. It was still really fun, I'm just tired! I would love to help you out!

  3. Haha! I forget diapers or wipes everywhere I go. We get that airplane experience tomorrow. Yippee.

    Love the rooms.


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