Monday, December 19, 2011

Mantels and Ramblings

Six. Days. Left. Can you even believe it? Christmas is almost here!  Yay! I'm so excited! Our little family has been having such a fun time together.  Unfortunately, my hubby's stay-cation has come to an end...back to work he goes. Bummer.  We had quite the week together...

We drove to the ghetto city to get my hair extensions (or should I say weave) re-sewn in only to have it come right out the next day. Oh well.  I guess it's time for short hair unless I want to fly to Utah to get it done. Short hair it is.
The hubs had a cavity filled.
We took the car into the dealership and came back with a $1000 repair bill. But, then I talked the guy into letting me take a new Audi Q5 home for my loaner car.  Believe it or not, it helped soften the blow.  A little bit.
I went to a new endocrinologist to find out that my thyroid level is still WAY out of range. No wonder I feel like sleeping as much as my two year old.


We got to spend time with a great friend from Milwaukee.
We decorated Christmas cookies with friends.
We got to spend lots of time together as a family and even watched a couple of movies.
We went and saw Santa Claus twice.
We did Christmas crafts, rode a Christmas carousel, and looked at Christmas lights.
We ate a great Mexican meal with the missionaries.
We got to go to a super fun Christmas Party where we laughed A LOT.
We went to our church Christmas Party.

Overall, a wonderful week!  Funny how things are easier to cope with with the hubs around (and when you're driving a Q5 around town)!  I'm going to miss him this week! When he's done with residency, I hope he finds a practice where he can earn a lot and work a little.  Those jobs exist, right?!
image from Holly Mathis Interiors
image from Centsational Girl
image from The Lovely Cupboard


  1. Sounds like such a wonderful week! Minus some of the setbacks, it sounds like the good outweighed the bad. And that gorgeous Audi sure would help me.


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  3. i want you to make me that O Holy NIght for Christmas, okay? Now that Jeremy's back at work I'm sure you'll have time. Thanks! You're the best!!! :)


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