Thursday, December 1, 2011

[so cheap, so easy]: Christmas Bottles

You know I love me some spray painted bottles!  These are super cheap, easy, AND chic. The project goes a little something like this: bottles, white spray paint, spray adhesive, and a little roll around in some epsom salt. Seriously.  That's it! I think I'm going to have to go buy some epsom salt and get in on the fun!  You can find the full tutorial on Cleverly Inspired.
image from Cleverly Inspired


  1. So cute! I have been saving my wine bottles to do this.

  2. This has been on my to-make list ever since I saw it on Pinterest! Thanks for re-posting to remind me how much I love it.


  3. Hey Jamie! Would you be interested in guest posting for my spray painters series? Let me know if you would like to! Love these bottles! I have a friend that is doing this for her centerpieces at her holiday work luncheon!

    Tiffany {Living Savvy}


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