Wednesday, March 14, 2012

[color kreyv]: Black & White

I'm really into black and white lately, probably because I'm "tweaking" our master bedroom a bit. Tweaking sounds less dramatic to, say, someone who may or may not be tired of me redoing every single room in our house. Tweaking. Baby steps. No biggie. Nothing going on here, just adding a little black and white...and a killer black and white birthday rug. Speaking of, said rug was mentioned to the hubs today: 

Me: So, today I posted about a rug that I want for my birthday.
Hubs: Let me guess. It probably costs $400. 
Me: Oh, no. It doesn't cost that much. 
Hubs: Well, it can just be an "anyway." 

You see, an "anyway" was introduced to us by my dear friend Joanie. You see, an "anyway" is something you just buy anyway. It doesn't count as a present. You just get it anyway. Things that usually fit into this category? Kitchen appliances, household items, and apparently, in our house, rugs costing less than $400.  Ummm, sounds good to me!

Like I said craziness is wearing him down! He probably just can't even believe that I am still wanting more rugs. Four words: Husband. Of. The. Year. And, let me make something clear, it has nothing to do with the fact that he lets me buy stuff, although, it is a great characteristic! 

image source unknown
image from Centsational Girl
image from Laurel Ridge Homes


  1. That's so awesome! I saw the rug yesterday and it is fabulous. It inspired me to buy more rugs.

  2. I so love black and white for the home. With some natural wood thrown in to soften things up... gorgeous! Thanks for visiting me Monday on my SITS day.


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