Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I [heart] Stripes

LOVE them. I always think I need to change things up, but I always end up going back to stripes. After all, they are a classic. I mean, really, they've been around forever, and they always will be in some capacity. In fact, my WONDERFUL husband is getting me that Olin Black rug from Crate & Barrel for my birthday. He just doesn't know it yet, but he is. Isn't he the best? And, don't think just because I've bought roughly 7,392 rugs that he will oppose. Quite the opposite, ladies. I've worn him down. He just doesn't care anymore. Sometimes the craziness pays off.
image from Crate & Barrel

image from House & Home
image from House Beautiful


  1. I love those stripes in the first picture.. (Well all of them)

  2. "Sometimes the craziness pays off." Best. Line. Ever. And I absolutely agree....with the stipes AND the craziness!!

  3. i agree with stripes. i tried to find the perfect striped drapes but none were in my price range and i was too lazy to paint them on. but when jake is done with residency he is going to hate me and my decorating craziness. and i totally think that annoying your husband about certain decor totally gets you what you want. i got two rugs out of my indecisiveness. he was so sick of waiting that he told me to just get whatever i wanted.


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