Monday, March 26, 2012

Happiest. Stairs. Ever.

I hope ya'll you all had a great weekend. (I just can't pull off ya'll...wish I could, but I can't.) Our little fam had a great weekend, and my little baby is practically a big girl, now. I really can't even handle it. One day she's using the potty like a big girl, and the next she'll be filling out college applications. (Of course, she'll get several scholarships.) I could cry just thinking about it. In fact, I have. So, rather than letting that happen again, let's turn our attention to these fabulously happy stairs. 

I am so in love with all of these stairs. While I was posting, the hubs asked me if I would really ever want stairs like this. Would I really? Heck yes I would. I think it's the perfect place to add some character. Love, love, AND love. Have I mentioned that I love these stairs, because guess what. I do.
image from Serena & Lily via Apartment Therapy
image from Royal Design Studio
image from Painter Girls

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