Tuesday, March 27, 2012

[reader request]: Shared Kids' Bathroom

Dolores has an exciting decorating adventure ahead of her. (At least I think it's exciting!) Her daughters' girly girl bathroom now must make room for one more, and that one more is a boy! No more pink shower curtain! Here's Dolores' wish list:

1)Nothing too girly or too boyish
2)A room that can grow with her kids

My suggestions? Glad you asked: It's all about the color palette and the incorporation of prints. The tone needs to be fun, but not too young. A pale, subtle blue is one of my favorite hues for a bathroom, because I like the bathroom to feel light and bright. I painted my mom's grandkids' bathroom Silver Sage from Restoration Hardware. I have used this color a lot. It's one of my favorites. You can pair SO many colors with a pale blue: greens, yellow, orange, pink, and even red (my scary color). The wall color should act as a neutral in the room, then have fun with it! Add color and prints. Keep your space fresh and fun. Here are some inspiration photos that I am absolutely dying over. Let me know what you think.

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image from Better Homes & Gardens
image from Garnett Hill
image from Hiya Papaya
image from Simplified Bee


  1. That wallpaper and the bucket storage (so clever) I am dying over!!

  2. Adventure is right!!! These are awesome ideas! Thank you so much for your time and sharing your talent. I LOVE the yellow and aqua.

    1. No problem! I'm glad you found some inspiration. I had no idea you are Britt's neighbor!

    2. Yeah Jamie, forgot to mention I had an awesome neighbor. If you are in town sometime, I'd love to meet you. You really have a talent and I LOVE your blog. Thanks again for your help. Now I have a direction of what to look for at the stores.

    3. Thanks, and thanks for reading my blog! If I'm in Texas again (I hope it's sooner rather than later), we will definitely have to meet! Have fun with your bathroom!

  3. I love your mom's bathroom! I can't believe I missed that post. And I agree with your pale blue ideas. Nice choices for bathrooms.


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