Wednesday, April 25, 2012

[color kreyv]: Black & White

I left my friend's house tonight thinking,"Geez, I talk a lot." On the way home, I called my mom for a quick hello. It was a 10 minute drive, but I talked to my mom for 40 minutes. (Yes, that's our version of a quick hello.) Mom, I blame you for my gift of gab. Karma, sorry I was at your house for so long. It's my mom's fault. I learned it from her.

And now, here are my thoughts on black and white...I know you're just dying to hear what I have to say! I love the simplicity and sharpness of black and white; however, I think it needs some natural elements  and textures to warm it up (i.e. natural woods, baskets, etc.). Otherwise, it can feel stark and cold, and no one wants an unwelcoming house. Unless you don't want people to stay at your house forever. Like I do. Because I can't stop talking. Apparently, I feel welcome almost anywhere.  
image from Houzz
image from Therese Sennerholt
image from My Home Ideas

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  1. Yes, it was totally all your fault. Because *I* don't talk a lot. ;) THANK YOU for your help. Clearly, I can't be trusted to choose colors myself.

    (and I'm not even going to mention a certain instance where I lost track of time at your house, way worse...still feel bad about that)


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