Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I'll Take One of Each

These dressers are absolutely fabulous...especially the first one. Holy amazing! I would take it even though I don't have a place for it. It's just one of those pieces that you would make room for. Don't you think? 

Then, there's the second one. Oh, how I'd love that for Stella's room. I'm secretly thinking I want to paint Stella's turquoise armoire. The reason it's a secret is because I really want the hubs to paint it, but I don't dare mention it. I have to time these requests, and he just helped me with another project. Oh, and he's painted it three different colors for me since we've had it. (Details, shmee-tails.) I guess I could always do it myself. Nah.

And, number three. If we ever have a boy, he is getting a kelly green dresser. That's all there is to it. And yes, IF we have another baby, and IF it's a boy, his nursery is already designed. Don't worry, if we ever have a girl, her room's designed, too. Yes, I'm that crazy prepared.
image source unknown
image from Oh Joy! via Apartment Therapy
image from Young House Love


  1. Crazy vs. prepared...such a fine line!! HAHA!! I especially love the feet on that creamy yellow dresser! So unique.

  2. Love all three, but I'm more interested in hearing about these designed nurseries haha. Great finds! And kelly green dresser, great idea!

  3. This post inspired me.....I bought this to do maybe in the green??!

    Jason thanks you. :) haha!

    1. I love it...worth every penny! I'm pretty sure every husband "thanks" me! I always tell my friends to just tell their husbands it could be worse...they could be married to me!

    2. Also, when you get it painted, I would LOVE to see pictures!


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