Monday, April 2, 2012

In Love With: Black Paned Windows

Did everyone have a good weekend? Our little family sure did, and get this: the hubs had the entire weekend off. O-F-F, off! We went to a church party where I made a fool of myself entertained the audience by participating in a dance off. Then, we went to The Hunger Games with some friends (loved it). On Saturday morning, we went to the LLS Hunt for the Cure Easter Egg Hunt. And, on Sunday, after a walk at the park, we had a lazy day at home watching LDS General Conference, and by watch, I mean it was on, but so was Stella. I'll have to go back and read all of the wonderful talks. I'm sure I missed some great messages.

Sunday was actually a good day to be inside. It was 92 degrees in St. Louis. Yes. Ninety-two freaking degrees on April 1st. Does Mother Nature play April Fool's jokes. I'm scared to enter July and August. Very, very scared. So, if we end up living in St. Louis forever, I'm really going to need, yes need, windows that are beautiful from the inside, because that's where I'll be any day that it is over 90 degrees. Make that 85.
image from House Beautiful
image from David Trubridge Design
image from Coastal Living

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