Thursday, May 17, 2012

[so cheap, so easy]: Color Block Terra Cotta Pots

You know you must really like something if you accidentally pin it twice on Pinterest. In my defense, the pictures were different (a little...but still different). I love these color block pots. I just happen to have a terra cotta pot that could use a little somethin' somethin'. AND, I just happen to have some fuchsia paint. Nothing's stopping me now--I'm so on it! AND quite excited. (Let's be honest, I need a little diy love after my rope disaster!) For the full tutorial, visit A Beautiful Mess.
images from A Beautiful Mess


  1. Love them...i have definitely pinned things more then always makes me laugh. I think I pinned these same pots. Can't wait to see how yours turn out

  2. i am so guilty of repinning my pins!! as for the pots... i am so doing this sometime in the summer!


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