Tuesday, July 10, 2012


The last few days I've been like a small child running to the mailbox. (Ok, when I say running, I mean walking out to my car, turning on the air conditioning full blast, and driving. It is so freaking hot here.) You see, I'm expecting a pillow. The last two days I was sure it would be here. Nope. You know what I got today instead? A letter from one of Jeremy's student loan lenders reminding us that we STILL have about a bajillion dollars of medical school debt. Yeah, last time I checked that was the complete opposite of a Pottery Barn pillow. Boo. In the meantime, here is what I'm loving from Pottery Barn's fall collection. Whatever.
image from Pottery Barn
image from Pottery Barn
image from Pottery Barn


  1. So annoying running to the mailbox and finding less-than-desirable mail! I was waiting for a book forEVER it seemed...I feel your pain. Hope you get your pillow soon!


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