Wednesday, August 15, 2012

[color kreyv]: Navy & Pink

I've never been much of a pink kind of girl, with the exception of my neon anything phase during the fourth grade(i.e. shirt clips, bobbles for my hair, layers of socks--scrunched, of course, etc.). But that's different. You have to wear neon when you have crimped hair. That's a no-brainer. This pink, though, with this navy...come on. It's just beautiful. Like, totally.
image from Decor Pad
image from Jennifer Eisenstadt via Domino
image from Brian Flynn

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  1. I love navy and pink together! If only I could convince the hubby that it's okay for us to have a navy and pink living room...LOL Love yoour space here. Found you through the THee network blog hop. Have a great night!


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