Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fourth Time's a Charm

Khaki, black, turquoise, and now white: the colors that this piece of furniture has been painted. Plus, doors and new legs have been added since its original state. I love this armoire. Jeremy's dad built it custom for me when we lived in Utah. At that time, it had no doors. It has four shelves made to fit the 12 baskets/drawers that are inside. The bottom is open. I love it. It stores so much, and it stays so organized. It's been in three different houses in three different states, and now it's going back to Utah. I hope that's where it stays...along with us, of course.

This was yet one more project for Stella's room that the hubs was not excited about. So, I gave him my usual spiel about me doing it myself. Can you believe he still falls for that?! He, of course, ended up doing the majority of the work. Man, I love that guy! So, after removing the doors, sanding, priming, painting, adding taller legs, and polycrylic-ing, we have this little beauty.  Oh, how it makes me happy!
Stella's "new" white armoire, lookin' all fresh and so clean, clean. (Gotta love Outkast.)
Here is the piece before. I loved the turquoise at the time, but I was ready for a change. I have a problem called wanting to change my furniture every day. Well, actually, it's my husband's problem. I'm just fine with it.
Stella was just about as much help as I was, pretending to help and all. The only difference was that I kept my shirt on the whole time.
Sometimes we are hoosier and sand in our undies at seven in the morning in the St. Louis humidity. Gotta get 'er done! (Look at her awesome morning hair!)
How hard could it be? Yeah. Harder than I thought. I don't think I was Jeremy's favorite person at this point in time. Good thing he enlisted the hammer to help him get out some of his aggression. I wanted taller legs, because after adding the doors, a lot of the leg was hidden in the front. We were quickly reminded of how sturdy Grandpa Grant's furniture is made. These things did NOT want to come off! (I'm sure the four coats of paint inside of the joints didn't help much, either.)
And...the finished product, sanded, primed, painted, and coated with polycrylic. The end for now


  1. Love it white! What a great hubby. And my daughter Emerson can rock a mean bed head too. :)

  2. Woe great job. Coming from sits, but am on mobile so didn't log in.

    Leigh Hines
    Hines-Sight Blog

  3. you can't go wrong with white!!! luv it : )


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