Wednesday, September 19, 2012

[color kreyv]: Coral & Green

I never find cash in my pockets, but know what I did find today? I discovered unused GAP rewards. What to buy? What to buy? They are just a burnin' a hole in my pocket! 

In other news, let's discuss coral and green. Apparently, I like it, because I ended up throwing in some green with the coral in Stella's room. It's a little unexpected, but I like it. It's kind of just fresh and happy...and not very common; hence pictures one and two are the same room. I just noticed that, but guess what. It's okay, because I get to go shopping with my newfound rewards! I love free clothes...and I only had to spend 100 times the worth of the rewards to get them...
image from Better Homes & Gardens
image from Better Homes & Gardens
image from House Beautiful

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