Monday, October 8, 2012

Baby Boy Nursery

Sometimes I buy rugs for the house. Like eight rugs. And then, I take them back. But sometimes, I keep one (or two), only to roll it up and put it away for later. When this happens, I insist that I will use it again at a later time. Please keep in mind that insisting is VERY different than promising. Either way, I do plan on using my Dash & Albert rug in the future. It's actually a great rug.

We're hoping that the next room that needs a rug will be a nursery. Of course, that could mean either a boy or a girl, so today, here is the design board for a boy based around the rug. Tomorrow, I will show you my board for a girl--using the same rug, because not only did I insist on using it, I may or may not have also mentioned how versatile it is.
giraffe art, polka dot pillow, kelly green pillow, armoire, rug, chair, car

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  1. I love these colors, especially the pop of yellow. =) And the girl nursery was super sweet too...the glider...LOVE!


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