Tuesday, October 16, 2012

You're Never Going to Believe This

You're never going to believe this, but I found something else that I want. I am dying over these cowhide ottomans. Die. Ing. Let's just stop a moment and take in this awesomeness.
image from House Beautiful
image from Houzz
image from S.R. Gambrel


  1. you stinker! I really really really like the second one!!! URGH! I had no clue these existed until this post :) he he he... Of course my wheels got turning right away into how you could DIY one! Have you seen the cowhide rugs at RugsUSA or even Ikea has some I think???? Not sure how much these go for, BUT if you bought a rug then you could re-upholster or make your own??! something to think about! gorgeous either way!! ~Bre

    1. That's exactly the one I'm in love with! I'm wondering if you can skip a step and just order faux hide fabric stuff. I wouldn't mind a rug, but the ottomans...come on!


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