Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dirty Little Secrets: Living Room

Today I bring you a few more secrets...these ones are a little more obvious. Like my door art. I bought a $30 door at the Depot. It was the cheapo hollow kind with no door knob--perfect for a pretend canvas and super light. My entry hooks are made from the top of a dresser. Let's just say that Ikea furniture is so super fun to watch being put together, especially when you are missing parts. The extra top was sent to us during this fun experience. Of course, the top was one of the things we already had. Extra top=entry hooks. Works for me. And finally, the basket in the last pic...

When we first got our TV (hung too high, needs to go in an armoire), we had to get rid of our armoire, because it was too small. I didn't want the TV, and the deal was that no cords, cable boxes, or anything of the sort could show. We originally had a console table underneath with no storage. I found the basket at World Market, and it worked great. We could hide the cable box, but the remote still worked through the holes. If I had it my way, the whole darn thing would be hidden. It's like, hi, nice to meet you, there's a big eye sore on the wall, and it's the first thing you see. Don't worry. I'm not bitter. I will get an armoire big enough to hide that thing. Either way, that thing will disappear.

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