Monday, November 12, 2012

Dirty Little Secrets: Stella's Room

Here's a couple of fun facts: I'm addicted to interior design. I am always wanting to change things around the house...and a not so fun fact: My budget is WAY smaller than I wish it was. WAY. What do all of these things mean? Turns out I have to be EXTRA resourceful. Don't worry I'm up for the challenge, and I thought I would share some of my good (and not so good) ideas. We'll start with Stella's room.  

There are a lot of posers in this place--like a king size quilt pretending to be a twin. I already had it and threw it on the bed for company. I liked it, so I left it. Let's not worry about the excess bunched up on the other side of the bed. Normally, that would DRIVE. ME. CRAZY. I'm okay with it, though.  Then, there's the tablecloth pretending to be a blanket. I had to have it. It was the perfect pink ombre. Who cares what I use it for, right? And then, there's the $15 piece of fabric trying its hardest to be a rug. Guess what? It's doing a pretty good job. It actually kind of suctions to the carpet, so I can vacuum it.  And, I've thrown it in the washer AND dryer a time or two during that whole potty training adventure. For $15, it's good enough for now.  And the best part about it? When I get rid of it, Hubs won't even notice. After all, no one expected a piece of fabric to last this long. 


  1. You are one resourceful lady - love the room and the fabric for the rug...genius!!

  2. I'm shocked on your genius idea...fabric for a rug. Amazing. Hey, its not that high of a traffic area, and if you need to buy more, then great...I may have to try this in my kids room!


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