Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Honey, I Shrunk the House

Stella has accrued more stuff, and I swear, it feels like our house has shrunk to 100 square feet. We're not even toy crazy over here, but as she has gotten bigger, so have her toys. I would LOVE one of these crazy adorable closet/under the stairs playhouses. Aren't they to die for? Plus, I could just shove all of her toys in there and shut the door. Well, actually I could never do that. It gives me anxiety just thinking about it. It would have to be organized. It would definitely have to be organized. Maybe someday when we're all done with residency, fellowship, and school debt, we'll have one of these, and Stella can play house with her American Girl dolls all day long. She'll still think that's fun when she's sixteen, right? 
image from Hickman Design Associates
image from Mossy
image from All Things Heart and Home

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