Thursday, January 10, 2013

There's No Such Thing

First of all, sorry that I didn't post yesterday. And, sorry if any of you called me to see why I didn't post. And, sorry if said phone call wasn't answered. And, sorry if that made you think something was wrong. And, sorry if you then had a mini panic attack. Just for the record, I'm okay, Mom.

Luckily, I didn't get what Stella and Mr. Hubs are getting over. Unluckily, I did have a nasty 24-hour bug. In Stella's words, "Mommy, you smell like throw up," and throw up I did. I'm glad it's over with, because a)now that I have somewhat of an appetite, I can justify eating Kit Kats and cookies to make up for my lack of calories, and b)I don't think my poor, little Stella needs one more day of watching movies while Mommy's in bed. Hubs tried to be helpful by writing me a prescription...that "may cause drowsiness." Yeah. That's not going to work, unless you were planning on checking me into anything that looks like these bedrooms, taking the day off from work (NEVER happens as a resident), and taking over all household responsibilities. THAT might make getting sick as a mommy totally worth it. But, let's be honest--Mommy's can't get sick. There's no such thing.
image from House Beautiful
image from The White Company
image from KOB Interior Design


  1. Everything falls apart when Mommy gets sick. Glad it was a quick sickness. (My kids would totally play in that second bed. The drapery look way too much fun.)

  2. So true. Mommyhood comes with no sick days! Stopping by from SITS.

  3. Glad you are feeling better...being a sick mommy is painful! Somehow more works arrives once you are feeling better, wonder if its the mysterious amount of dishes and laundry that appear when mommy is sick. =)


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