Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tablescapes & Toddler Games: As Random as it Sounds

During nap time today, I decided to clean out some files on my computer. Of course I should be spending my time doing such a thing.  It's not like I'm moving in three months and should be doing something productive. Actually, I'm moving in LESS than three months--79 days to be exact. (I'm surprisingly calm...weird.) Anywho, I came across these super cute (and cheap)ideas and thought I'd share, because we like to share around here. Unless it's chocolate. I like to hide that.
image from Full House
image from We Heart It
image from Frugal Family Fun
image from Inchmark


  1. Is the top one just paint thingies punched out into circles? Love it!

    Did you find a place yet?

  2. Peacock colors - true peacock colors - are so underrated. For a room, for any color scheme. Heck, if I won the lottery and bought a minor-league baseball team, guess whose colors they'd have?

    I'll tell you later where the chocolate is stashed. Too many people around still.


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